Email Lists at MTU

MTU offers email lists for group communication. A list may be requested by any student, faculty or staff member. Subscribers are added and managed by the list owner. There are also automated class lists for MTU course sections where the list membership is restricted to those registered for the course.

Michigan Tech list services uses the Sympa List Manager. Features:

  • Discussion lists allow any list member to post to the list.
  • Announcement lists restrict postings to designated persons only.
  • List owners can change list settings.
  • Members may easily unsubscribe themselves.
  • An archive of postings is retained for every list.

MTU students and employees check on their list subcriptions and list owners administer their lists by logging into the MTU List Server ( with MTU username and ISO password. To request a list for an organization or committee, complete this short application form (requires login) List Request Form. To request a list for a class section, complete this short application form to specify list name and what course section should be included Class List Request Form for Instructors.