List Owner FAQ

MTU offers email lists for groups, project teams and classes. The service is powered by Sympa List Manager. List owners add and update the members of their lists. List owners can change some list settings at the web-based list management site.

Q: How can I add and update list members for a list I manage?
A: Visit and log in with your email address and your ISO password. Choose the list you wish to update and pick Manage Subscribers. New members are easily added. For both adds and removals, there is a checkbox Quiet. If you check this box, the subscriber does not get a notice.

Note: you must be the owner of a list to manage it. If you are not the owner but you should be because you help administer a list, write to and let us know.

Q: For a list I own, can I add and update list members via email (instead of the web)?
A: Yes, you can send list commands to Sympa via email. Commands are documented in:
Manage via Messages

Q: Can a list have more than one owner? How do I change the list over to a new owner?
A: Many owner changes you can manage yourself. Or you can write to and we will do it for you.

For adding and managing list owners, for the given list, select Admin and then Edit List Config, then List definition. Under the Owner box you should see your email and name with a extra section to add an additional owner. Fill in the new owner's email address and name and click Update at the bottom. The list can have several co-owners, just add them one at a time.

The new owner will be able to administer list membership but will not have the privilege to add additional list owners. If the new owner should have this privilege, write to and we will set them up.

To delete co-owners from the list just remove the owner email address and click Update at the bottom of the change form.

Q: What posting rules are possible and how can I change my list?
A: Moderated lists allow only designated people to post to the list - these lists are ideal for sending out announcements. Restricted lists allow list members to post to the list, in other words, a discussion list. To change posting rules, select Admin for the list and and Edit List Config. Select Sending/reception and make a choice from the selections of Who can send messages. Pick Moderated if you want an announcement list. Pick Restricted to subscribers if you want a discussion list where all list members send and receive. One more type is a Public List. Pick this type if you want anyone to be able to post to list (no posting rules).

Q: What is a list editor? How can I add additional more editors to a list?
A: A list editor (also called a moderator) is someone who can directly post to an announcement list. The list owner/manager can add list editors. For the given list, select Admin and then Edit List Config, then List definition. In the box labeled "Moderators (editor)" add the email and name of the additional list editors and click Update at the bottom. You can add as many editors as you need, one at a time.

Q: How do I manage a moderated list?
A: If you are a list moderator, you will receive notices if someone has a posting they want to send to the list. The notification message will contain the proposed posting as an attachment and links to act on the message. Click on the distribute or reject link in the message to allow or remove the message from being sent to the list.

Alternatively, you can moderate a list at the list management web site Choose Admin and then Moderate. You will see the list of messages waiting for your action - you can choose to reject or distribute any messages.

Q: What is a concealed list? How can I manage who can know about my list?
A: For most lists, only members of the list will know the list exists. You can change the visibility settings of your list so anyone can see the list or no one can see the list. For the given list, select Admin and then Edit List Config, then List definition. In the box labeled "Visibility of the list" there is a drop down list of choices. Common choices are "conceal except for subscriber", "conceal even for subscriber", "public" or "intranet access" (meaning anyone with email).

Q: What are Archives?
A: An email list has an archive of postings. Owner information is found in Manage List Archives.

Q: What is the list category and how do I change it?
A: The list category, also known as list topic, organizes MTU lists. If your list is in the wrong category, select Admin and Edit List Config Then select List definition. Down the page, find Topics and choose Academics, Administration or whatever category seems best suited. At the bottom of the page, pick Update.

Q: What is the list subject? How do I update it?
A: The list subject is a short phrase describing a list, such as Ping Pong Club. A list owner can modify the subject by picking Admin and then Edit List Config. The first box shown is the list subject, just type the preferred subject into the white box, go the bottom of the web page and click Update.

Q: What is a subject tag? How do I change it?
A: A subject tag is an identifying prefix inserted in the Subject line of a message posted to a list. For new lists, this is set to the name of the list. The list owner can modify or remove the tag. For the given list, select Admin and then Edit List Config, then Sending/reception. In the box labeled Subject tagging, simply change or remove the text.

Q: What is a list description? How do I update it?
A: The list description is optional but if you would like to have a longer description of how your list is to be used in more detail, you may make or modify the list's long description. From the left hand column select your list and select Admin. Then select Customizing. Click on the down arrow and select list description and click the Edit button. A text box will open into which you can type your description, putting in line breaks where you want them. Once done click save at the bottom. To verify click on Info in the left hand column and it will show the description.

Q: How do I manage one list as a member of another (nested lists)?
A: You will use the data inclusion feature for this. See Managing Nested Lists.

Q: Can I change the name of a list I own?
A: List owners cannot change the name of an existing list. To request the change of a list name, send a request to ITSS staff will make the change.

Q: My list was on Majordomo. What happened to it?
A: During the period August to December of 2009, all lists were moved to the new list server. To update your list membership, you will no longer use this web site: