About Email Lists


Any organization, department or commmittee may make use of email lists for communication with their members. This service is limited to University-related activities.

List names must end in -L (dash ell) to distinguish the email address as a list. The intended group who will use the list should be specified when the list is requested.

Every list has one or more list owners. At least one owner must be an employee or current student of Michigan Technological University. List owners must monitor the list for bounces and remove (or correct) any bad addresses. Diligence is needed to protect Michigan Tech's email servers from a bad reputation.


To request a list for an organization or committee, complete this short application form (requires login) List Request Form. To request a list for a class section, complete this short application form to specify list name and what course section should be included Class List Request Form for Instructors. A staff member from Information Technology Services (ITSS) activates the requested list - a notification is sent to the list owner when the new list is active and ready for use.

The list owner monitors the list to make sure the list is being used for its intended purpose. An owner may remove list members who are disrupting the list with inappropriate messages. In the rare event of technical abuse which results in a loop, generating large number of messages posted to the list, please contact Information Technology Services and Security at 487-0010 immediately.

Mailing lists which have not been used for more than 6 months are subject to removal. We may also remove invalid email addresses from lists to reduce delivery attempts to known bad addresses. If a mailing list is generating huge amounts of inappropriate mail, or we are receiving complaints from a significant amount of list members, ITSS will try to contact the owner of the list. We may temporarily disable a list if needed.

More questions? Send email to: listhelp@mtu.edu